High-Density Foam Fitness Roller


Foam rollers are an effective method of reducing tension and increasing muscle length for either a pre-workout warm-up or post-exercise active recovery.

What will a Foam Roller Do?

Not only are foam rollers inexpensive and readily available, they improve health and reduce injury risk in six ways:

  • Increased Blood Flow: Myofascial release via foam rolling exercises stretches and loosens muscles. By applying force to your muscles and connective tissue over time, blood is squeezed out and replaced by a flood of fresh blood.
  • Improved Movements: Better hydrated and looser muscles move past one another with less friction. This means that during a workout, movements are smoother and muscles are less likely to be pulled or damaged.
  • Better Range of Motion: Another related advantage to self-massage is the improved range of motion of properly stretched and lubricated muscles.
  • Decreased Injury Risk: Self-massage increases circulation throughout the body. Better circulation means a better range of motion and more effective body movements.
  • Decreased Recovery Time: Foam rolling is an effective means to draw blood to an injured area, but also decreases recovery time between workouts. This is especially true of foam rolling after a workout has been completed.
  • Faster Results: If an athlete stays healthy over time while being able to exercise more frequently, then they will inherently produce faster results. Foam rolling is a simple solution to a complex problem with great benefits to practitioners.


  • Designed to perform in demanding sports medicine, physical therapy and high-use Pilates and yoga sessions, the roller with the highest density is MSG black foam roller.
  • Relieve tight or injured muscles, perform active release therapy on trigger points and knots, self-massage soft tissue and roll away soreness.
  • Professionals use high-density rollers to roll out tough muscle adhesions in the heavier lower extremities including the iliotibial band (IT band), piriformis, hamstrings or quads.
  • MSG foam rollers will not break down or lose their shape after moderate-to-heavy use


Brand Name: Master Smart Gear
Type Name: Foam Roller
Size: 60 x 15 x 15 cm / 20 x 6 x 6 in
Material: Durable, High Density, Molded Foam




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