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Cute Repeating Talking Plush Hamster


Entertain The Entire Family!

This interactive hamster doesn't just talk but it repeats everything it hears no matter if it's barking, laughter, singing or meowing!

Cats Love Them!

Dogs Love Them!

Kids & Adults Love Them Too!

Turn on the hamster, speak to it and within a few seconds, it will dance and copy any sound that is projected towards it.

👉 Records Up To 6 Seconds: Works for all languages and phrases! Not only is it a great toy for cats & dogs but it is also a wonderful gift for kids because they find these hamsters hilarious as they repeat everything they say!
👉 Moves & Talks: Bops its head up and down while repeating your phrase.
👉 Cats, Dogs & Kids Love Them: But adults also have an absolute blast of a time with our talking hamster.
👉 Wonderful Gifts: Bring this to a party or use as stocking stuffers for a hilariously fun gift purrfect for all ages!

 Available in three colors: Coffee, Gray, and Brown

Batteries are not included (3x AAA)


  1. Place fresh AAA batteries and secure safety cover.
  2. Switch hamster to ON.
  3. Speak a phrase you wish to repeat.
  4. Wait for it to mimic your phrase in a funny and high pitched voice while dancing.
  5. Flip the switch to OFF to conserve battery life when not in use.



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