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Egg Topper Cutter Clipper Stainless Kitchen Gadget


This Sleek Little Tool is an Egg Lover’s Dream Come True!

Perfect for serving soft-boiled eggs in their shells, it effortlessly slices off a neat top section of shell, giving you easy access to the silken white and creamy golden yolk inside. No more eggshells for breakfast!

There are so many ways to prepare them, but breaking an egg sometimes makes a mess. Pieces of shell are a nuisance, always falling into your food. And separate the yolk from the white? Sometimes easier said than done!

Now you can break eggs quickly and smoothly with our super easy to use Egg Cracker multi-purpose cooking tool. It also comes with a yolk and egg white separator, so you can quickly separate them as soon as you break eggs all at once!

  • Make your breakfast fast: Break eggs easily without any mess or pieces of shell in your food. Break boiled eggshells. No shells, no mess.
  • Comes with egg yolk separator: the tab holds the egg yolk, allowing clear to go down smoothly. Separates clear and yolk.
  • Smart design: Space-saving design for compact storage. Portable and easy to use.
  • Dishwasher safe: BPA free and FDA approved

Type: Egg Tools
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Model Number: Stainless Steel Egg Topper
Material: Stainless Steel 



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